ASFOUR is considered to be the forerunner in the world of high-end crystal products and praised for the clarity and sparkle produced by its precision cuts. Being the largest producer of Full-Lead crystals in the world its favoured by most of the European chandelier manufacturers.


Product Range

The ‘Crys-Tile’ is one of the marquee products on offer where high-quality crystals are embedded in a ’tile’ format for modular use. The crystals inside the tiles are tightly sealed to ensure unique sparkles of light in the spaces.The Cryst-Tile production process also ensures a robust build-quality which architects, interior designers and builder will appreciate and approve.These tiles will complement every setting, whether residential or commercial and transform any space into a contemporary haven.

In order to cater to every kind of aesthetic sensibility, ASFOUR offers a wide selection of Crystal components in variousshapes such as Octagon, Round, Square, Drop, Bead, Pendeloque, Chains and Arms. The ready availability of all the above components supports the customizations needed to suit each patrons taste.

ASFOUR not only produces crystal lighting solutions but crystal handicraft items and Sanitaryware products for your residential or commercial space as well. The exquisite crystalfigurines offered are a great range of handicraft products which are preferred by many as their first choice for décor and gifts.

As part of ASFOUR’s mission to be a supreme source of all things crystal, it has a comprehensive catalogue of lifestyle products such as Jewellery, Fashion and Shoes elements. The jewellery range consists of crystal necklaces, arm bracelets and made-to-order writing instruments. The brand is also known for apparel elements such as sew-on crystals and flat back hot fix crystals which are heavily used in the Fashion industry.