Cangini & Tucci is renowned for its methodical approach to making the most desirable light furnishings. Being an industry leader of blown-glass products, they have a wide assortment ranging from classic Venetian designs to the most contemporary ones which are created by an expert team of craftsman.

The brand has been the leader in the blown-glass industry for more than 50 years because of its dedication to meticulous precision and craftsmanship in the production of sophisticated light furnishings. Cangini & Tucci has expanded its product offering of lighting articles by adhering to Venetian styles complemented by modern production techniques.

Like most premium brands of lighting products, Cangini & Tucci has also implemented cutting-edge technology in its production processes but still believes that there is an inherent charm in the lines of a handmade product. Such items made by the Artisans at Cangini & Tucci vary by the slightest of millimetres ensuring the authenticity promised.

This resurgence of design pieces built by hand in the last decade is a testament to the preservation of traditional craftsmanship and authenticity.